Indian Visa photos

Indian Visa Photo’s

Have your Indian Visa photo’s taken in our professional studio. The quality studio with complete studio lighting for the best photo’s and are guaranteed to meet Visa requirements.

No need to book just pop in we do them while you wait.

Free forecourt parking and disability ramp.

Two photo’s size 50mm x 50mm only £10. 





American Flag Framed

We have just framed Flag of America which was flown on Capital Hill. Framed with a Certificate which had our customers name on it.

 We framed it with air-gap to keep the flag away from the glass. The flag is folded to keep it small and held with nylon tags to keep it in place.  We use nylon tags because they are so fine they don’t cause any damage to the flag in anyway. The Certificate has its own aperture cut within the surrounding mount and looks like it’s floating above the Flag.

Very interesting and unique framing job. Needless to say our customer was delighted when he come to collect it.

american flag 1 american flag 1